About Us

Sappy ~Inspo~ Tees

It’s clear to see that the world needs a little more positivity. With cancer running rampant and taking the lives of many, sometimes you just need a little pick me up to keep you going. This is why Sappy ~Inspo~ Tees was formed. To empower the brave souls dealing with this life-altering condition to fight another day. We want to bring joy into both survivors and those still suffering by giving them a treasured keepsake that inspires them to keep going, regardless of how dark things may seem.

Our eye-catching designs are created to bring more awareness to cancer.  We hope to motivate and inspire our customers through affirming quotes that encourage positivity. Overcoming cancer is no easy feat. But when you’ve got someone that supports you then it's easier to deal with. Which is why we will never stop supporting cancer sufferers through our timeless clothing designed to uplift their spirits. We believe there’s strength in numbers. Which is why we’re building a global community of people who want to fight back against cancer. One t-shirt at a time.

Like every great success, Sappy ~Inspo~ Tees was born out of a struggle. Founder, Georgia Harris here came face to face with cancer when her mother developed breast cancer. She fought through and beat it twice. Unfortunately her Grandmother was not so lucky and sadly passed away from the illness. She saw first hand the painstaking journey cancer sufferers go through and wanted to help in any way she could. What she came up with is an encouraging selection of clothing that brings awareness to this life-changing illness. She hopes her pieces will instill the strength into her customers that they need at one of their most testing times.