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Everything you need to know about World Cancer Awareness Day

Everything you need to know about World Cancer Awareness Day

At present, there is an awareness day for everything in the world and no exception for the cancer awareness day. World cancer awareness day initiative is offering multiple ways to make real changes all across the globe by improving awareness and catalyzing collective actions.

When is world cancer awareness day celebrated?

World cancer awareness day is being celebrated on 4th February every year. The day is intended to enhance global awareness of cancer. World cancer awareness day is intended to play a vital role in letting people understand important factors that can play an important role in declining this disease.

International Union Against Cancer is an organization that is dedicated to boost cancer awareness globally has coordinated world cancer day. The World Health Organization, as well as other international organizations, are helping UICC with this.

History of world cancer awareness day:

World cancer awareness day originated in 2000 at the very first World Summit that was held in Paris against cancer. At that summit, cancer organizations and leaders of government agencies all around the world signed a document named the Charter of Paris Against Cancer.

This document was containing 10 articles that outlined a global commitment to improve cancer patients' quality of light along with continued investment and advancement in cancer research, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment.

However, the article X of the document also declared 4th February to be celebrated as the world's cancer awareness day.

Importance of world cancer awareness day:

Cancer is one of the leading reasons for deaths all around the world. About 9.6 million people have died due to cancer. And if it is left unchecked, the number of deaths is going to increase to 13.2 million yearly by 2030.

The basic aim of world cancer awareness day is to reduce illness and deaths that are being caused by cancer. Even more, this day is an opportunity to gather the international community to stop the injustice of preventable suffering due to this deadly disease.

However, here are the major reasons why world cancer awareness day is being celebrated every year.

The major purpose of world cancer awareness day is to,

Raise awareness

However, world cancer awareness day can help us to avoid many of these deaths with not only increased funding for prevention, treatment, and detection programs and government support. But also, by taking proper actions to raise awareness about this disease.

Develop practical strategies to address cancer

Even more, world cancer awareness day can also help governments and healthcare professionals to develop practical strategies to address this disease, which has led millions of people to death.

Understand the advancements in treatment, diagnosis, and prevention

Cancer awareness has become an increasingly important thing to consider for people. As in the 21st century, there have been various advancements in the diagnosis, understanding, and treatment of cancer.

All of these can play a vital role in declining cancer cases or even the number of deaths happening due to cancer if we make our people aware of these facts. This is where world cancer awareness day comes into action and helps people learn more about the disease and its other aspects.

Final thoughts

Overall, world cancer awareness day is an important step that is meant to help people understand what cancer is, how it can impact someone's life and how to diagnose, treat or prevent it in the best possible way.

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