Essentials of a cervical cancer awareness campaign - Sappy ~Inspo~ Tees

Essentials of a cervical cancer awareness campaign

Essentials of a cervical cancer awareness campaign

Essentials of a cervical cancer awareness campaign - Sappy ~Inspo~ Tees

Cervical cancer is one of the common cancer types in females. The cause of cancer is the HPV virus that is more of a sexually transmitted condition. The cancer cells grow in the inner sides of the cervix. For the prevention and control of cancer, it is necessary to promote cervical cancer awareness campaigns in the community. Whenever we talk about sexually transmitted infections and diseases, people have specific taboos about them. It is essential to design a composite campaign that will be covering all these consequences and come up with effective results. Here are the essentials of a composite campaign everyone should know.

Primary prevention – awareness

The very first thing that comes in primary prevention is awareness. Prevention is the best cure that helps everyone in society to avoid larger threats and damages. It is essential to let people know about the symptoms, types, reasons, and preventions from cervical cancer. Due to a lack of information and awareness, many people got into the infection that leads to cancer and makes the situation even more critical. 

Secondary prevention – initial treatment

The second step of the campaign design is secondary prevention that refers to initial diagnosis and treatment. It is a common practice that people do not take symptoms seriously. One of the major reasons for the huge number of cases is no on time diagnosis or before time. With the help of an awareness campaign, it should be the goal to aware people of taking initial treatment. If they are facing any medical difficulty, then they have to reach out to a doctor and ask for help. It is the best time they can get rid of the problem in the first place.

Tertiary prevention – treating invasive cancer

The third level focuses on patients with cervical cancer—the focus of the campaign shifts to the patients and in the struggle of their treatment and care. From the medical departments to the community, it is essential not to ignore the treatment procedures in the first place. They have to come up with the best possible treatments for the patients. Along with the treatment, rehabilitation of the patient is necessary. It is all about taking care of everything from not letting the problem grow or avoid reoccurrence in the cases of survivors.

Community awareness 

The final stage of awareness is community awareness. Prevention or ending of any disease is only possible when you can be aware of people in society. It is not just about the disease but community behavior and treatment towards the patients. They need to deal with the patients in a manner that helps them to recover and get back to life. Cervical cancer is not taboo; it is a medical condition that will have numerous reasons and conditions attached to it. With the help of community support, a survivor can lead a simple life. Moreover, the community can support people to be preventive and careful with their health conditions or diagnosis.

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